Meet the owners of Bella Art Diamonds (formerly Mary’s Diamonds)!

We are a small Military Family Owned Business based out of New Mexico. My husband (Jamie) and I (Nicole) are passionate about serving the diamond painting community. Jamie has been serving in the Air Force for over 19 years and I volunteer in the local and military communities. When I found this wonderful new hobby called diamond painting, Jamie got tired of me spilling diamond painting drills everywhere, so he started 3D printing me things to help. Never did we imagine that other people would want them, but soon our page was blowing up with people wanting to purchase. We’ve now had our business Bella Art de Nicole for almost 3 years. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and are constantly trying to find new ways to make diamond painting more fun.

When we were approached by the previous owner of Mary’s Diamonds to purchase, it only made sense that we expand and start creating our own diamond paintings as well. We have made some big enhancements with Bella Art Diamonds (formerly Mary’s Diamonds) and are striving to bring the same high quality and attention to detail as our 3D printing business. We work hard to have excellent products and customer service. Any questions, comments, or concerns just reach out. Thanks for supporting our small military family owned business!

Jamie and Nicole at Military Ceremony