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“What is coming soon?”

Returning Artist - Alice GH

⯁ Alice GH ⯁

“As an artist I wanted to express a part of my soul and create something unique for the viewers. I like to use colors that give the feeling of happiness and well-being.”

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Returning Artist - Annija Kakarāne

⯁ Annija Kakarāne ⯁

Self-taught digital artist from a small country named Latvia. Inspired to be a professional illustrator and trying her best to improve every single day.

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Christina Layman

⯁ @ChristinaLaymanArt ⯁

“My imagination is a swirling mixture of surrealism, steampunk aesthetic, magical worlds or settings…. and characters imagined before their story is written.”

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New Artist - David Lozeau

⯁ David Lozeau ⯁

David Lozeau is a famous Day of the Dead artist who paints original, quirky characters in a unique, illustrative style.

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Returning Artist - Effievescence

⯁ Effievescence ⯁

A Texas based digital artist and author of the web comic “Jane.E.” She enjoys creating pieces inspired by themes of fantasy, the beauty of nature, and the female form.

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New Artist - Elisabeth Alba

⯁ Elisabeth Alba ⯁

An illustrator who works traditionally with ink, watercolor, and acryla gouache, creates artwork focused on fairy tales, fantasy, new age, and historical subjects.

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New Artist - Emma Casey

⯁ Emma Casey ⯁

A self taught artist from the UK. Art has always been a passion, she started diamond painting over 4 years ago and wanted to combine the two for people to love and enjoy.

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New Artist - HeySoleilArt

⯁ HeySoleilArt ⯁

HeySoleilArt is a self-taught digital artist who loves doing aesthetic glass style drawings and fantasy illustrations. She is most known for her whimsical teacup artwork.

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New Artist - Jamie Walton

⯁ Jamie Walton ⯁

Jamie Walton is a disabled, lgbtq, single mom as well as a self taught artist with a love for mixed media. She works both traditionally and digitally as well as combining the two.

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Returning Artist - Josef Panes

⯁ Josef Panes ⯁

A digital painter and illustrator from the Philippines who keeps unique ideas and concepts at the core.

He takes his inspiration from worlds of fantasy and dreams that tell fun stories we can all understand.

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Returning Artist - Lea Barozzi

⯁ Lea Barozzi ⯁

A Portland, OR artist whose work has shown all over the world. Her illustrations have been featured on surfboards, skateboards, books, jewelry, and apparel.

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Returning Artist - Lee Yan

⯁ Lee Yan ⯁

A digital artist and illustrator. Lee Yan was born in and lives in the Philippines. Lee Yan started drawing as a hobby and now does it fulltime as a freelance artist.

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Returning Artist - Luisa Maria

⯁ Luisa María ⯁

A Visual Artist, born on September 15, 1996, in Cali, Colombia. She studied Visual Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali.

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New Artist - Meri - Mahou Shoujo

⯁ Mahou Shoujo ⯁

Meet Meri, an artist and fashion designer based in Germany. She is also known as “MahouShoujo”, a Japanese term that translates to magical girl.

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Returning Artist - Natascia Mora

⯁ Natascia Mora ⯁

An Italian illustrator, comic artist and designer! She does digital and traditional art. The things she mostly likes to draw are natural and fantasy portraits!

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New Artist - Nicolees art

⯁ Nicolees art ⯁

Nicolee began her career in the 80s producing licenced characters for a leading toy manufacturer. Her freelance work led her to pursue the subjects she most loved to paint such as fairies, dragons and all thing mystical.

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New Artist - Saskia Franken-Saers

⯁ Saskia Franken-Saers ⯁

Saskia Franken-Saers is a Dutch selftaught artist who works with traditional mediums like watercolor paint, color pencils and oil paint, but who also works digitally through Procreate and Nomad Sculpt.

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New Artist - Stephen Mireles

⯁ Stephen Mireles ⯁

A 20-year retired veteran of the Air Force, and taught himself how to paint in oils using Bob Ross’ tutorials online. Most of his art work is inspired by scenes from his time stationed in South Dakota, the deep woods of Pennsylvania, and from his home town of Galveston Texas.

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Returning Artist - Tengu Arts

⯁ Tengu Arts ⯁

A digital artist from Scotland. She is inspired by storytelling art and loves to create characters and fantasy worlds.

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Tiffany King

⯁ Tiffany King ⯁

A Tiffany is an adventure-seeking artist with a love for nature. Her source of inspiration comes from her wilderness camping trips, where she rises before daybreak to study the magical effect of first light on the mountain landscape.

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Returning Artist - Toni Cailao

⯁ Toni Cailao ⯁

A self-taught digital artist from the Philippines. She learned to draw from reading books by Andrew Loomis, and watching a lot of tutorials.

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Returning Artist - Viki

⯁ Viki ⯁

An artist based in the UK. She works with traditional media, mainly watercolor, and takes inspiration from video games and her favorite anime shows.

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Returning Artist - Yaroslava Guskova

⯁ Yaroslava Guskova ⯁

Yaroslava is a self-taught artist. She works as a character illustrator and creates cute funny characters for YouTube cartoons.

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